Episode 11: Dana Jamison

Comedian / Actress Dana Jamison

Dana Jamison is a stand-up comedian/actress who started her career in modeling.  But don’t let that fool you.  This girl is tougher and manlier than Luigi, Alex, and Josh combined.  After talking about her blow-up sex doll (and best friend), Stacey, Dana tells us how she has sex like a man.  Then we forgo the final segment so that she and Josh can arm wrestle.  (It’s pretty unbelievable.)


Episode 10: Live from Canoga!

live from canoga
This week, various comics at Canoga Bowl sit in the back room to talk in-between their sets about everything from porn to mini golf to Paul Thomas Anderson. Also, stay tuned for Dario’s very funny story about the best heckler comeback he’s ever heard.


Episode 8: Sean Leary

sean leary entry header

This week, stand-up comic Sean Leary talks about growing up in South Dakota, his feelings toward goulash, and shares some of his favorite jokes. Also, Alex calls out Josh for being an asshole, and Josh can’t control his laughter when he describes Luigi’s website.


sky williams entry


E-Sports comedian (and former “best Wario in the world”) Sky Williams has more career traction than Luigi, Alex, and Josh combined. In this episode, he tells the guys how he makes money off of YouTube videos, how he handles haters, and how he makes himself likeable. Stay tuned for the sexual tension between Luigi and Sky — and Luigi’s very special birthday surprise.


jill anenberg

Episode 5: Jill Anenberg

Jill Anenberg is a host, a comedian, and an actress who somehow finds time to maintain a six-pack. She sits down with the guys to discuss the problems with having a crass personality, whether or not Oil of Olay commercials are as pervy as we think, and how difficult it is for a girl to “laugh a guy into bed.” She also shows a picture to Luigi that makes him dry heave on the air.


greg dean

Episode 4: Greg Dean

In this very special (and very epic) episode, L.A. based comedy teacher and former comedian Greg Dean sits down to talk about his long and varied career. Greg also discusses some of his philosophy on comedy, including why you can’t teach funny and why a stand-up’s material may not be the most important thing in his show.